An Escapade

Learning is practice. This a miracle. This sentence also connotes heavy responsibility for the learner as well as the instructor. Self-reflection facilitates their learning and put what they have learn into practice. Do you agree?

As a course instructor, this is my thought: Last year when I returned home for a couple of months, my dean assigned me with a teaching assignment. So I picked up my previously assigned course, and teaching sharing it with a senior lecturer. When I taught my students, 74 of them, I observed something interesting. Something that caught me off guard that left me speechless. I found that most of them were unable to reflect their own learning. They were unable to describe what they’ve learnt and what difficulties they faced in their learning assignment (at that time I taught them Method Demonstration), and they were not able to propose better strategies on how they could do better!

At first, I suspected that they were experiencing language barrier, could this be? and then I told them, ‘write your reflection in points, and I’m not going to grade your grammar etc because I’m looking for your key reflections in learning!’ Some of them manage to articulate their authentic learning experience but most of them ended copy and paste somebody’s idea. As an educator, what was going on that time crushed my heart, I felt sad. However, I am not giving up! I am going to resolve this issue. In a couple of months, I’m going to full take up this course for real, this is a whole lot of responsibility.

When I’m done with all the requirements for my study program, I plan to work on this issue. There is a need for me to search for what could possibly be the barriers that learners couldn’t perform self-reflection on their learning? What are the ways that I could help to resolve their performance issue? And then I closely work with the learners to identify which are the best teaching instructions that effectively facilitate their learning experience and doing self-reflection. From my past experience, learners were amazing. These learners are definitely the source of knowledge for instructors in learning on how to improve their delivery skills. In order to that, I have learnt to dump my ego in the trash can, and I am going to do this again, again and again.

30 minutes writing commitment is done. { smile }

No Problem Without Solution except Death

An Escapade

Yes. Now I need to escape Ames for a while. Where to? To the wilderness.

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