I’m Walking the Bridge

It took me almost two years to discover the key to release me from my misery.  Do you want to know what the key is?

I Forgive Myself

Yes, you hear me right. ” I forgive myself. I forgive all my weaknesses, my actions, and wrong doings.”  That is the key that releases me from despair. That is the key that fuels my soul with fierce energy to break down the huge wall of anger and nurture an ocean full of forgiveness to those who did me wrong in my entire life.

” I forgive myself .” It sounds so straightforward and easy. However, I wish to tell you that it was a lot harder than I thought but it’s not impossible to achieve. I put trust in Allah, and it became possible. The act of forgiving myself drained my whole energy, but the outcome is heaven!

Goodbye Misery, Hello Success and Happiness ! :)))

I have no regret now. I’m doing it every day. It becomes my practice. The first time was hard, and by each day it becomes easier and easier. Eventually,  now, I’m walking the bridge to my bright future. I’ve said Goodbye to misery, I promise to Allah that I will not turn back to ask the past, how are you! I’m saying hello successes and happiness every day now! Alhamdulillah :)))

The key to success Dunya and Akhirah

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