Am I a Judgmental Person?

These past weeks, there’s a persistence theme hit my thought, Am I a judgmental person? There’s an on-going alarm pressing on the guilty button of my conscience … . I seem to sound like everybody else, who claim they’re not judgmental and yet the very words utter through their lips (like mine too) undoubtedly weight heavily on the judgmental scale! … There you go, I articulate this clearly! I want to do something about this situation.

Is being judgmental a natural thing? Is there a fine line what is acceptable and what is not acceptable judgment? But first of all, I would like to know: What are the criteria of a judgmental person? Can we avoid having a judgmental attitude? What are the ways to avoid being a judgemental person?

Because writing is learning, I am going to search and write on all the answers to the posted questions. Frankly, I am not sure if I could find genuine answers that would able to convince me to go about this effectively. I found that there are many things in life are ideal concepts and theories. Somehow rather I feel that being a non-judgmental person is easier to say than done.

If you have rationale(s) and explanation(s) to shed light on this issue, feel free share your thoughts!

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