Discover Yourself!

Aaid Al-Qarni reminds me the reader, You’re created uniquely. The inner self in you wants to own an identity and personality that you alone owns it. Discovering yourself will not be achieved by imitating others while you’re growing up. If you do, you will be a miserable person. As Emerson dramatically claimed, “… imitation is suicide. …”!  But how to start from zero to discover yourself? Don’t you agree that we have to start somewhere! I guess imitation is the most common way people learn to create a personality that they called their own because they don’t know where the journey should begin.

What epochs of a life journey that you have discovered yourself? Is there only one or many? is there once in a life time or many times as you walk the life? Share your thoughts so I can learn and better understand how for me to discover my full potentials.

‘Aaidh ibn Abdullah al-Qarni suggested a simple way discovering yourself. According to his description, I need ‘to read’ myself to know myself. From here, I will get to know my mission in life, weaknesses and strengths as well as the limitations. With all these qualities (and the improvement of these elements) that I have, I will use all of them to strive to accomplish my mission in life.

This post is organic. I would love to proceed Discover Yourself to facilitate my journey, a non-native English speaker to be a communicative writer. It is so fundamental to my dreams and discovering my true self.

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