What is it with TODAY?

What is it with TODAY? …

Today Donald Trump is the elected president of the United States. My housemate woke up with a loud cry! “Kak Jana! Wake-up, wake-up, Trump won the election”. She continued to express her uncertainty (or I would say more of anxiety) of her safety during her 4-year stay to finish the Ph.D. program, here in the United States. Well, I don’t blame her for that feeling, my anxiety is low since my finish line is already at the corner.

Am I surprise with the news? NO.

Somehow, I had this intuition last Spring (2016). I expressed this concern during a diversity panel discussion on racial issues on campus. I told the audience (who are all the respectable members of the faculty) that the political climate and the direction it was taking all Americans were not good signs. Whatever it is, it’s over … at least four years from now.  I guess the voting citizens had to decide on someone to lead the country. It must be hard for all  Americans to live with the decisions that they have made and those who are affected by the majority decision.

Nevertheless, I wish all the best to the Americans on their new 4-year journey with President Trump. My wish is that they will hold on tight to their Statue of Liberty!

I’m telling myself the future has not come. Do not worry; you have not seen tomorrow. I’m also chanting to myself, keep doing what you’re doing and be steadfast. Like the (adapted) words of Aaid al-Qarni, (2005:33) ” Do you think it’s wise plucking fruits before they become ripe? “. Absolutely not! 

My Mantra to deal with the uncertainty of tomorrow!

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