Enough for You Is Your Home

Enough for You Is Your Home. What does it mean? Does it infers, Do you isolate yourself at home and never go out? What do you think? …

After reading Al-Qarni written thoughts on this phrase that he elaborated succinctly in about a page, I found that he uses an analogy to explain why I need to protect my mind (or brain?) from negative voices. Negative voices in human thoughts are hazardous to our brain or mental health. They induce the brain to idleness and incapacitated. In the worst situation, they trigger depression and hopelessness to live. The Home that Al-Qarni refers to is the human brain or so I believe the mental health. 

The ‘Home’ that Al-Qarni refers to the human brain. The human brain should be protected if one to live a meaningful life. Al-Qarni suggests one should practice isolation or seclusion. 

What advantages can we gain if we persistently created isolation or seclusion? The advantages are no other than benefits to our brain or mental health growth and vitality! Al-Qarni argued that when humans are able to seclusion from the negative voices, there will be a free space for the human brain to breathe. The free space is necessary for the brain to live!

How to achieve the buffer and help the brain to prospect? Al-Qarni has suggested EIGHT ways that easy to be practice daily, and they are as the following: 

  1. Create a free space brain. Al-Qarni argued that when humans are able to seclusion from the negative voices, there will be free spaces for the human brain to breathe. The free space is identified by the brain as an opportunity to reflect, to think, to graze in the meadows of enlightenment.
  2. Avoid and keep away from evils. To facilitate this process of creating free space further, one need to keep away from evils — toxic people and people with foolish motives– and keep them at a distance. 
  3. Avoid attending unworthy gatherings that lead to frivolity and shallowness activities. Instead, it is more productive for me to participate in the learning circles the give more meaningful impact on your life,
  4. Persistently fortify myself to my goals and isolate myself, except, when I am able to speak well or to do well. Here what it means is that random conversations with foolish motives should be eliminated as they have no benefits to the brain growth nor vitality.  In fact, I believe, the random conversations clog and haze my thoughts from positive and productive thinking. They
  5. Use my time productively to avoid falling into idleness trap. This action prevents my life being wasted.
  6. Hold my tongue from backbiting. Avoid initiate or listen to any conversation that triggers bad thoughts of someone even though they have done wrong to you. Leave them to Allah, let Allah deal with them. Allah is Ultimate Protector and Defense.
  7.  Free your heart from anxiety. Put trust in Allah in whatever things in my life. Always recite Zikrullah in my heart and utter through my lips, so there will be no space for Syaitan ni rajjim whispering evils that trigger anxiety that eventually engulf my inner peace.  
  8. Preserve my ears as well as my lips from profanity is the final advice. 


In conclusions, when we seclude ourselves from evils and idleness, free spaces are created. These free spaces are oxygen to my brain to stimulate into action. Therefore, the free spaces serve as an essential function of the healthy brain and mental health to grow and expand and sometimes to recuperate from crises. Free spaces also function as the nurturing and promotive agent to create toxic-free-environment that promote the brain to generate and expanding new cells faster and freely. These free spaces is an essential cure to my healthy thoughts and thus good mental health. Adopting the eight simple ways daily will provide a continuous opportunity for free spaces in my brain thus it is able to continuously become productive and creative thoughts. 


My Home is My Brain and its Mental Health




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