Do Not Be Chaotic In Your Life


The title sounds scary to me. Reflecting on the title, I’m the cause of chaos in my life. How that could possibly be?

Al-Qarni explained that humans tend to overburden themselves with self-expectations on doing many things that are unrealistic to achieve on their plan time. Their unrealistic self-expectations exhaust them to be persistent and throw them into boredom well that weakens their spirit of wanting to complete their preplans. If humans are not able to retain themselves to their commitment, they will end up abandoning their preplan missions and this lead to chaotic life.

How not to be the source of chaos in your own life through Four Advice: 

1.Prioritize goals and set-up action plan. I need to identify my goals and then evaluate them based on their priorities. It is critical to choose them carefully what are my priorities and what are not. And then listed them according to the priority order, from the top priority to lesser priority. Find a determinant factor on how to organize them, I can use deadline dates to organize them into order for instance. And then use these priorities accordingly to work on their set-up action-plans. I have to make sure the goals are measurable, in long terms as well as short terms.

I also learn that huge missions are built on small missions and small connected action plans. Like how to get a degree in six years? So I plan the big goals but attach to them with sets of attainable action plans within a shorter period.

2. Be consistent and make progress every day. Keeping the first advice in view, I need to be consistent with what I plan to achieve and to do even if I’m able to do it only a little at a time. Al-Qarni stressed in these two features as the utmost importance– consistency, and small achievement every time. What most important is that you’ve made progress every day. 

3. Pen down and Display goals to my eyes. In addition to Al-Qarni, I write the goals and priorities on papers, and then I display them in a place where I can see them every day. It literarily has a substantial positive impact on me every day. When I saw the notes stuck on the wall, I become aware and self-conscious that I have to complete these targets and priorities.

4. Revise your goals and action plans. If I’m overwhelmed with all the actions plans and fear that I will not achieve my goals, I always can alter my action plans. Always Remember: Don’t Panic! Don’t be Frustrated. Don’t Give Up! It is not the end of the world if you don’t achieve your targets with your laid out action plans. That tell me that it’s time to evaluate your missions and action plans then revise them accordingly. Like people always say, there are 26 alphabets if your Plan A failed, and your Plan B failed, its okay, you have 24 more plans. The most pertinent are that you have to face the reality that I won’t achieve my goals with the action plans, that most practical things to do are to revise them. So why wait, do now! 


In conclusions, I could be the source of chaos to my own life. However, I have a choice to exit that chaos world with appropriate strategies. I can always revisit my specified goals and their action plans when they don’t work well. I have to be consistent and make progress every day regardless how small they are. Pen down my goals and display them where I can see them consistently as reminders and motivations.  Let’s flip the coin: if I could be the source of chaos to my own life, I also could be the confident boosters to an organized adventure to my sweet life.


Let’s Flip the Coin: If I’m the source of chaotic life of mine, I’m definitely the confident boosters to an organized adventure of the sweet life of mine too. Let’s Do It!



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