I met new people a couple of months ago. At first,  I got to know them a skin deep. I thought we were going to be good friends that would last forever. But God has a different plan for me. Unplanned, I walked into the friendship path much deeper than just an introduction. After embracing the friendship experience with confusion, questioning on trust whether am I save in their hands? and uneasiness of feeling like being stalked, I distant myself and ponder whether were these real? Do I like to be treated like these? Later, I realized that they were the friends that I would not like to keep.

They are an interesting bunch as they are gifted people. But abuse the gift of God to mislead people. They read people minds and tap into the minds of people to their selfish interest. They hide these selfish interests in the name of helping others and in the name of religion. So I see them as people who throw the stone but hide their hand. And it’s hard to pinpoint their misconduct. All I could think of just to save myself. So I walked out the group quietly, and never to return.

Nevertheless, I learn something very valuable departing from these people.

  1. Learn from the situation but not the actors in the situation. Actors are people. Different people are place in different or similar situations. But what doesn’t change is the human behavior.
  2. Delay my trust in people who display religious identity. I need to know their lifestyle to confirm whether they really are what they preach into practice.
  3. I can still use their words of wisdom into practice.
  4. Let the bad memories be your teacher. Keep walking. Don’t look back. Don’t keep hard feelings in your heart. You deserve a better life and that the main reason you should let go.
  5. Trust your first instinct. I saw the red flags flash several times in our first encounters.  But these people said just ignore these are not meaningful.
  6. You can’t lie to people. The truth is always present. Maybe you manage to blindfold people, but that won’t be long. Sooner or later the truth will reveal itself effortlessly. Contrarily,  the lies will diminish itself.
  7. You can’t rely on people. You can only rely on God.

IMG_0143 Let Go Stuff