One Step at A Time

Hello hellooooo 🙂

I missed writing in this virtual space. I missed thinking and expressing my self. Along this line, I believe thinking and writing processes force me to do reflections, over and over, until I get my thoughts typed down in a logical way.

Where I’ve been? I’ve trying to get things strengthened up one at a time. Traveling and working slowing up the process though.

But most importantly, after two years, I managed to unbox all my shipped stuff. I’ve solved one problem, and yet another problem awaits! Ghee … I don’t know how to store all stuff in a tidy and systematic way. My current rental house has a limited space. And then I need several storage boxes to keep them away properly. This requires money money … How you do you store your stuff in a small space? 


Progress is HOPE! 

So again, one step a time is a good tagline for this. My supervisor always say ” … the most important is progress ” . Yup, progress. Progress is the word of HOPE. That is the most important.

I will catch-up you guys later!