Heart Writing

Write hard and clear about what hurts

by Ernest Hemingway

Pour my heart out. This is where the well of pain. Clean my heart from the pain. Word by word. Over and over again. Write the earnest truth. Nothing to hide.

Let’s my heart write. I brave myself face what I’ve written. The truth sometimes hard to swallow. But it’s okay. Life is full of surprises. The good ones. The bad ones. The happy ones. The sad ones. The incredible ones. Life has infinity tastes

Go on swallow. Swallow them. Word by word. The more times I swallow my own pain, the more familiar I become with the bitter taste of the pain. Eventually, the bitterness becomes bland. Bland into nothingness.

The future whispers to me deeply … ‘Remember, the feeling of hurts are temporary. I belief that submission to the will of God for not matter what situations (redha) is fundamental to wipe out the heart pain. No questions whatsoever. Just walk out. Value the emotions. Add on to my life experience palettes. And my belief is that time heals is another essential principle. Then my belief that my heart has the power of self-cleaning function. Heart Self-Cleaning function works with time. The more I use the self-cleaning function, the more efficient and effective it become the cleanse the heart. With redha and by time, my cleanse heart will heal’. InsyaAllah.

The collateral beauty of heart writing, it triggers the reason for an expressive writing habits. Over and over again. So I believe therapeutic writing is one of many ways to develop the writing habits. So move forward with heart writing!

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