This one word that causes me endless tears, tons of stupidity and despair and years of loneliness. That one word.


I need perseverance!

Yes, I need that word!


I recognize pursuing this stuff is an extremely difficult, to be under the mountains of words and words and words. It takes a toll to my vibrant life energy.

But still, I need to be persistence and patient to stay focus.

I strongly believe that God will help me to get through this. I’m strongly believe that God has answered my prayers of seven years today. Yes, TODAY.

Because of the perseverance, TODAY is the day!!!

It has been 7 years my brain is being imprisoned in this dark, dump and scary dungeon. Nevertheless, I’m reminding myself that seven years is nothing in comparison to an hour or two that I expected to complete this draft. Keep believing. I can reap the success later, InsyaAllah. Stay firm footing.

I see the vision of success. I see it. I can see it with my naked eyes.

Even though I’m tired I can’t quit. But I can take a rest.

Stay focus!


And then return to it. Again and again. Till I finally ending it with a period.


Perserverance. Stay Firm with perserverance.

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