Gratitude Sept, 19-2019

Alhamdulillah, today, I’m thankful for …

I have friends who wanted my companionship for Hot Spring Picnic near by. Unfortunately, I was unable to join them today.

I have a polite class rep student, Ilman who seek a change of schedule for MPU class. Even though we couldn’t make any changes, we have negotiated in good manners.

Note: How to do layering of text on photo with Ps

Gratitude Journal

Today I decided that everyday, I will strive to write at least one thing that crack a smile during the day. Practice gratitude, is one of the ways to always become an optimist person. It sure is logic, positive inputs will recreate positive outcomes!

Al-Akram,  Your Lord is the Most Generous

Overcoming Fear

My heart gives endless excuses not to pick up the SOC assignment again.

Simply because of fear to undergo the same burden of a strong emotion of a loser. Everytime I return to the same page, I feel like a blind person walking straight ramming the wall. Hit hard. This happens repetitiously. This lowers my self-esteem and deteriorates my optimism as well as my focus.

Haze covers your vision. How to wipe out the vision?

How to deal with overcoming fear? Do you have any ideas? Care to share with me? Share your ideas here and let me experiment them. Thank you !