Truest Sentence

When I woke up that day, the words of Ernest Hemingway called for me to take up my pen again. He said


I agree with him that when I write one truest sentence that I found in my truth, then words continue to flow on their own to narrate the whole story.

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What are you doing Now?

Are you still there? And What are you doing now? Amazing isn’t it ūüôā

I am digging to the bottom of the pit of power analysis on to justify the practical significance of my study. The truth, I found it’s kind of weird when the scholarly journal articles that I’ve read didn’t report the effect size of their findings. What it means to me? I do not have a point of reference how much effect size typically similar studies like mine are detected in the field. I am still thinking on how best to about it – to go around the outskirt ? or to go right through it? Still thinking, and hope to come out with the most logical decision without hurting anybody in the end.




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Find time they say

Find humility in you, they say too

Self-reflect the day

Find time they say

Before sleep consumes you

Self-reflect the day

Forgive those who wronged you, they say

Perceived those people have misinterpreted you, they comfort you

That’s only way that you will go far in life, they¬†assure you

And I say back, why not if that could save my soul



I am not writing, Still not

I am not writing, still not 

Only from my heart I’m feeling

I am writing, touching the sky

To say what I really meant

Why things didn’t turn out like …

As they should, like they’re expected

I am not writing, still not 

They say when you can’t write, Read!

I read, I read, I read

I read draft, I read books

Yet, my thought is dead, dead

Nothing I read, churn into ideas

Nothing I read, extending the meanings

I am not writing, still not 

Tired trying, I switch off lights

Calling sleep to claim my eyes

Perhaps, after my brains have rested

My thoughts will switch the lights!

Many colorful lights with spanning meanings!

Calling sleep to claim my eyes

I’m going to write, I will

My thoughts will switch the lights. My heart will touch the sky

AisyaUmaira is  My Pen Name. Ames in Winter. Expressing my thoughts while listening to A Closing Statement by Dexter Britain.

That One Leaf …

That One Leaf whispers to me loudly in silence the importance of perseverance in all seasons. There are things in life that are best not to be questioned but accept just as they are. And most importantly walk calmly through the fogs of seasons until you totally arrive at a clear end.

Sometimes I¬†feel these two feet¬†of mine are so heavy to keep stepping forward. That is a normal, just like Newton’s theory says, …¬†movements causing friction in between different surfaces particularly the rough ones. Whenever that happens, I tell myself, it’s okay to take a rest. ¬†If I can’t take an hour, I can take 30 minutes.¬†If I can’t take 30 minutes¬†break, I can take 10 minutes. If I still can’t still take that 10 minutes, I can make a second! Whenever I pause, the inner voice endlessly whispering Keep Walking, Keep Walking, Keep Walking,¬†I’m¬†making good progress!¬†



Lessons from nature. Stay calm and embrace all seasons.