Fear does not prevent death, it prevents life

by Naquib Mahfouz

Naquib words of wisdom tells you that you have to face the fear in you. The more you fear something, the more you need to deal with it. Why dealing it upfront is crucial? Simply, fear prevents you to pursue life. You need to overcome fear in order to progress in life.

If you did make attempts to deal with your fear and failed many times, do not despair. Try again, and again until you landed with the one or several that kills your fear permanently.

I believe it’s not the solution that makes you stronger to face fear. However, unconsciously the skills that you’ve developed in the process of striving to overcome your fear is the gold! That harnessed skills are the one that are making you a stronger person. So keep it going!

You’re Not Alone

When you feel your shout unheard

Believe me you’re not alone

When you feel your friends deserted you

Believe me you’re not alone

When you feel your reachout hand ignored

Believe me you’re not alone

When you feel your candle failed to light up

Believe me you’re not alone

When you feel, God don’t react to your prayers

Believe me, that’s untrue

Look up, you will see a rainbow on top of you!

Walk the Journey*

“When life gives you lemon, make lemonade”

Relapse. Something that I’m struggling with. Today, yesterday and the other day, relapse knock me off again. If this happens I’m out of spirit to go to work. I feel drain to drag myself to work and to do anything. Stuck in the house, in bed, under the blanket. Soo gloomy feeling surrounding me. The feeling that is hard to describe. Only those who experience depression is able to feel it. Why can’t I departed with the blanket? Dark room stays like that even though, the night long gone. The sun is shining bright outside. 

Conversing with myself. Shucks! The effective strategy dealing with my relapse has past due! Is void for now. Again, I have to look for alternative strategies to deal with it. See, it is not that you don’t realize when you experienced shut-down. Perhaps this is just a minor shutdown. Praying so hard. 

Walk the journey. One thing that I want to do now enduring this short relapse is W.R.I.T.E! Yes, write. Write my brain out. Write my heart out. Write my frustration down. Write what’s bottled in me for the past months. 

Writing. At home. On this small varnished wooden dinner table. Ceiling fan is making noise. Unbelievably, delightful chirping of birds outside the sliding door add on to the squeaking fan. These are clutters of disturbance. Nevertheless, I’m not disturbed by them. Possessed in the desire to be heard. I’m tapping the keyboard a way, letting what ever cross my mind building the words, sentences and paragraphs expressing my thoughts, feelings and despair. I’m trying to practice positive thoughts in walking this journey. I love this one phrase “When life gives you lemon, make lemonade”. My encounter with this phrase in the most unexpected spot, the cheap grocery bag. This phrase moves my heart, and find its way naturally into my soul.

What am I doing actually through this writing? Attempting writing like a pro. Ghezz. Sometimes I feel like, ‘How the hell good writers put together words to create unforgettable sentences that trigger goosebumps and awe in you? Why can’t I write the same? What sorts of talents they have? Is it possible I develop the talents too? How do you create develop your talent to become a prolific writer. I love this word – prolific writer. Perhaps walking this journey, I’m able to transform my escapism to depression relapse into endless experiments to develop my talent as prolific writer? Why NOT since a wise man will react the same to life challenge ‘ When life gives you lemon, make lemonade? ‘

How do you develop your talent in writing? 

*This is a message to myself. I know it’s funny. But it is essential for me to beat relapse, thus, progress. 

L . O . N . E . L . Y

Six words
Suffocated meaning
Unbearable feeling
Wistful futile thoughts

Boundless stormy ocean
Endless silence
Eternal isolation
Bottomless darkness pit

Hidden sights

Kills smiles
Assassinate inspirations
Slaughter the will to live

A soft killer
Devil is smiling

God has created you stronger than loneliness.
Don’t let it argue with you. Beat it to death. Walk free.

Ingin Sukses?

Mukaddimah:  Semua manusia ingin sukses dalam kehidupan. Tapi tidak ramai yang tahu bagaimana. Ini adalah pesanan ringkas Ustad Mansur. Sekiranya anda telah membaca post saya terdahulu tentang konsep BAD hasil penulis Insyirah, ia adalah lebih kurang sama. Cuma, olahan Ustad Mansur ini adalah secara lisan dan pendek. Perbezaan yang nyata di antara pesanan beliau dengan penulisan BAD adalah penulisnya telah mengolahkan konsep BAD secara terperinci berselitkan pengalaman-pengalama beliau sendiri.

Konsep Kehidupan BerTuhan: Konsep BAD bermula daripada pesanan Ustad Mansur. Mari kita lihat nasihat Ustad Mansur yang mengenalpasti empat pesanan penting berkaitan konsep kehidupan bertuhan :

  1. Senantiasa menghubungkan diri dengan Allah swt
  2. Menyelaraskan rencana kita dengan rencana Allah swt
  3. Bertanya Allah segala usaha yang tepat dalama merancang
  4. Berusahalah sedaya upaya dari pengetahuan terbimbing mengelakkan sia-sia dalam kehidupan

Kesimpulan Sekiranyan saya ingin berjaya dunya akhirah, saya perlu tekah meneruskan kehidupan bersama-sama Allah secara istiqamah dalam segenap aspeks pembelajaran kehidupan, baik yang buruk dan yang baik.


Supaya energi dan usaha tidak sia-sia, carilah Allah dalam setiap langkah kehidupan. InsyaAllah semua akan baik-baik sahaja

Enough for You Is Your Home

Enough for You Is Your Home. What does it mean? Does it infers, Do you isolate yourself at home and never go out? What do you think? …

After reading Al-Qarni written thoughts on this phrase that he elaborated succinctly in about a page, I found that he uses an analogy to explain why I need to protect my mind (or brain?) from negative voices. Negative voices in human thoughts are hazardous to our brain or mental health. They induce the brain to idleness and incapacitated. In the worst situation, they trigger depression and hopelessness to live. The Home that Al-Qarni refers to is the human brain or so I believe the mental health. 

The ‘Home’ that Al-Qarni refers to the human brain. The human brain should be protected if one to live a meaningful life. Al-Qarni suggests one should practice isolation or seclusion. 

What advantages can we gain if we persistently created isolation or seclusion? The advantages are no other than benefits to our brain or mental health growth and vitality! Al-Qarni argued that when humans are able to seclusion from the negative voices, there will be a free space for the human brain to breathe. The free space is necessary for the brain to live!

How to achieve the buffer and help the brain to prospect? Al-Qarni has suggested EIGHT ways that easy to be practice daily, and they are as the following: 

  1. Create a free space brain. Al-Qarni argued that when humans are able to seclusion from the negative voices, there will be free spaces for the human brain to breathe. The free space is identified by the brain as an opportunity to reflect, to think, to graze in the meadows of enlightenment.
  2. Avoid and keep away from evils. To facilitate this process of creating free space further, one need to keep away from evils — toxic people and people with foolish motives– and keep them at a distance. 
  3. Avoid attending unworthy gatherings that lead to frivolity and shallowness activities. Instead, it is more productive for me to participate in the learning circles the give more meaningful impact on your life,
  4. Persistently fortify myself to my goals and isolate myself, except, when I am able to speak well or to do well. Here what it means is that random conversations with foolish motives should be eliminated as they have no benefits to the brain growth nor vitality.  In fact, I believe, the random conversations clog and haze my thoughts from positive and productive thinking. They
  5. Use my time productively to avoid falling into idleness trap. This action prevents my life being wasted.
  6. Hold my tongue from backbiting. Avoid initiate or listen to any conversation that triggers bad thoughts of someone even though they have done wrong to you. Leave them to Allah, let Allah deal with them. Allah is Ultimate Protector and Defense.
  7.  Free your heart from anxiety. Put trust in Allah in whatever things in my life. Always recite Zikrullah in my heart and utter through my lips, so there will be no space for Syaitan ni rajjim whispering evils that trigger anxiety that eventually engulf my inner peace.  
  8. Preserve my ears as well as my lips from profanity is the final advice. 


In conclusions, when we seclude ourselves from evils and idleness, free spaces are created. These free spaces are oxygen to my brain to stimulate into action. Therefore, the free spaces serve as an essential function of the healthy brain and mental health to grow and expand and sometimes to recuperate from crises. Free spaces also function as the nurturing and promotive agent to create toxic-free-environment that promote the brain to generate and expanding new cells faster and freely. These free spaces is an essential cure to my healthy thoughts and thus good mental health. Adopting the eight simple ways daily will provide a continuous opportunity for free spaces in my brain thus it is able to continuously become productive and creative thoughts. 


My Home is My Brain and its Mental Health



Bertanya Allah Dulu


Catatan ini adalah ringkasan ebook ‘ BAD ‘ version 2 dari pengarang Insyirah Azhar. BAD singkatan  ‘Bertanya Allah Dulu’.  Konsep amalan BAD ini dikatakan selari dengan konsep Ahli Sunnah Wal Jamaah,  berserah dan berusaha. Segala perbuatan hamba Allah perlu bermula-, berjalan- dan tamat dengan perkaitannya dengan Allah. Jadi seseorang insan mesti peka dengan bagaimana Allah memberi anugerah dan pertolonganNYA. Saudari Insyirah juga mengeluarkan ‘BAD’ version 3 menawarkan pengisiannya lebih detail.

JOM Praktikkan “Bertanya Allah Dulu”

Aku berminat mengamalkan TUJUH teknik ‘Bertanya Allah Dulu’, semoga Allah permudahkan :

1. Mengakui kelemahan diri

Langkah pertama, mengingatkan aku sebagai insan kerdil hanya mampu dan kuat mengharungi segala dugaan semata-mata dengan pertolongan dan kekuatan yang dianugerahkan Allah Azawajalla. Dan yang paling penting semata-mata kerana Allah Ta’ala. Segala-galanya milik Allah termasuklah diriku. Langkah ini menuntut dan mentekadkan aku untuk buang ego dalam hati dan membersihkan hati sedaya upayaku apabila meminta dengan Allah.

2. Menyedari kekuasaan Allah

Berbanding penciptaan Allah Maha Pencipta, mega cakrawala langit dan bumi, penciptaan aku ini hanya insan kerdil. Selain daripada kekerdilan kejadian insan, aku juga perlu ingat bahawa permasalahan yang aku alami tidak terbanding kecilnya dengan masalah dalam alam cerakawala sana.

3. Gunakan kekuatan dalaman, Jangan guna otak!

Keberkesanan teknik BAD ini tertakluk kepada  100% keyakinan hatiku pada Allah Azawajalla. Tawakkulku yang tinggi pada Allah adalah syarat wajib strategi Bertanya Allah Dulu.  Penggunaan logik akal/otak di larang sama sekali, kerana ini melemahkan keyakinan hatiku kepada Allah. Ini amat memerlukan energi keyakinan. Serius.

Apakah itu kekuatan dalaman? Kekuatan dalam adalah keyakinan secara total atau 100% disandarkan urusan segalanya pada Allah Azawajalla. Dengan kemantapan kekuatan dalaman hasilnya lebih tepat, cepat dan menjangkui batasan akal dan pemikiran, InsyaAllah.

4. Allah itu Tuhan, Senantiasalah berbicara denganNYA

Allah mestilah tempat pertama aku memohon pertolongan. Wajib. Kalau tidak aku syirik apabila memohon pertolongan pada selain Allah. Caranya dengan berdialoglah dengan Allah Maha Penciptaku setiap masa. Aku boleh berdialog dengan Maha Penciptaku secara formal dan tidak formal.

Kaedah formal adalah berdoa selepas solat. Dikala mengadap kiblat, aku menadah tangan menitip doa atau berdialog dengan  Allah dengan hati yang merendah diri dan suara yang lembut.

Berdialog secara tidak formal pula adalah berdialog dengan Allah di luar solat. Boleh dilakukan bila-bila masa, di mana sahaja dan membuat keputusan apa sahaja, dari sekecil-kecilnya hinggalah ke keputusan yang besar-besar. Yang pasti keseluruhan tindakan aku pada keseluruhan hari ku itu mesti bersama Allah.

Bagi kedua-dua kaedah berdialog perlu mematuhi beberapa adap.

  • Pertamanya, hatiku merendah diri dan suaraku mesti lembut.
  • Keduanya, mestilah mulakan dan menutup doa dengan memuji Allah dan selawat.
  • Ketiganya, keyakinan atau kekuatan dalaman mestilah tinggi.

5. Jangan terlalu scripted, tapi perlu spesifik

Allah itu Maha Pendengar dan Maha Pemakbul Doa, lagi Maha Pemurah dan Maha Penyayang. Jadi maksud strategi ini, luahkan permintaanku segalanya kepada Allah. Bukankah Allah itulah pemberi rezki kepada semua makhluk melata penciptaannya samada di langit, di antara perantaan dan di bumi? Tidak kira apa sahaja yang aku mahu. Tapi satu syarat yang ketat, mesti memohon dengan spesifik.

6. Jangan buat depan manusia

Ketika aku dikhalayak ramai, berdialog dengan Allah dalam hatiku sahaja. Ini supaya manusia disekitar kita tidak menuduh kita gila berdialog keseorangan! Jadi aku boleh teruskan berdialog dengan memohon dengan Allah, jangan berhenti ya!

7. Kenali anugerah Allah

Janji Allah benar dan pasti Allah menepatiNYA. Cuma janji itu ditepati berkemungkinan dalam bentuk tidak sepertimana pemikiran terhad hambaAllah seperti aku. Jadi dalam terus berdialog, aku juga perlu kenal bentuk anugerah Allah. Ini memastikan supaya aku senantiasa dalam keyakinan bahawasanya Allah Maha  Pemurah dan Maha Penganugerah.

Pertolongan atau anugerah Allah dalam pelbagai bentuk, hati mata hati yang celik sahaja akan diberi rezki untuk kenal dan bersyukur atas nikmat ini. Kadang-kadang sebagai insan kerdil, aku ini lalai dan hati buta, jadi Allah hijabkan mataku dari kenal anugerahnya. Untuk mengelakkan ini terjadi, tanya Allah supaya diberi petunjuk untuk kenali anugerah Allah. Aku perlu lakukannya berulang-ulang kali dan yakin bahawa Allah akan beri petunjuk itu.


Kehidupanku bermula dengan Allah. Wajib. Segalanya mungkin apabila aku mengutamakan Allah dalam kehidupanku. Maka Bertanya Allah Dahulu. Hidup aku akan lebih bahagia dan tenang begitu. Jadi aku jadikan Tujuh strategi BAD berdasarkan konsep berserah dan berusaha dalam kehidupan harian. Strategi BAD bermula dengan (1) Mengakui kelemahan diri, Allah Maha Pencipta, (2) Menyedari kekuasaan Allah dalam penciptaan dan pengurusan segala urusan, (3) Gunakan kekuatan dalam-tawakkal, jangan guna otak, (4) Allah itu Tuhan, senantiasalah berbicara denganNYA secara formal atau tidak formal, (5) Jangan terlalu scripted diketika berdialog tapi perlu spesifik, (6) Jangan buat depan manusia ketika dikhalayak ramai, memadai berdialog dengan Allah dalam hati, dan akhir sekali, (7) Kenali anugerah Allah supaya aku yakin dengan janji Allah benar dan pasti ditetapiNYA.

Aku lebih bahagia dan tenang kerana aku tahu segala kebutuhanku datang dari Penciptaku, Allah Al-Alim (Maha Mengetahui) bila mana ku perlukan sesuatu,  Allah Al-Muqit (Maha Pemberi Kecukupanku) banyak mana yang kuperlukan, Allah Al-Wahhab (Maha Pemberi Kurnia), Allah Ar-Razzaq (Maha Pemberi Rezky). Hanya Allah sahaja mengetahui apa yang aku suka dan yang terbaik untuk ku. الْحَمْدُ لِلَّهِ عَلَى كُلِّ حَالٍ


I’m Walking the Bridge

It took me almost two years to discover the key to release me from my misery.  Do you want to know what the key is?

I Forgive Myself

Yes, you hear me right. ” I forgive myself. I forgive all my weaknesses, my actions, and wrong doings.”  That is the key that releases me from despair. That is the key that fuels my soul with fierce energy to break down the huge wall of anger and nurture an ocean full of forgiveness to those who did me wrong in my entire life.

” I forgive myself .” It sounds so straightforward and easy. However, I wish to tell you that it was a lot harder than I thought but it’s not impossible to achieve. I put trust in Allah, and it became possible. The act of forgiving myself drained my whole energy, but the outcome is heaven!

Goodbye Misery, Hello Success and Happiness ! :)))

I have no regret now. I’m doing it every day. It becomes my practice. The first time was hard, and by each day it becomes easier and easier. Eventually,  now, I’m walking the bridge to my bright future. I’ve said Goodbye to misery, I promise to Allah that I will not turn back to ask the past, how are you! I’m saying hello successes and happiness every day now! Alhamdulillah :)))

The key to success Dunya and Akhirah

What is Calamities?

I am sharing a piece of my story on how one can make a choice to live the life when calamities fall on them. Is a choice really!

Are Calamities Bad? Before today,  I believe calamities or trials are bad, very bad impact on my life. They are killing me, killing me. Softly. Especially the hardest one … or the most difficult yet to come? [ sho sho sho go away evil thoughts! think positive please … my angel whispering to my heart, MasyaAllah La haulawaquata illa billa, Tabarakallah ]  When I think from that perspective, I don’t think I could continue living … how could not I become devastated when there is no light of hope? or the slightest light that leads to hope?

Why did I choose to change the perspective on Calamities? After sometimes, debating with my inner self, I started to alter the perspective on how to view all the disasters that occurred in my life. Because after all, in anything that I do, I have choices to make. I can choose to continue to suffer in this short life if I choose that killing perspective–calamities are evil. The biggest problem with accepting that view, my brain slowly [or is it my heart? Or my soul? to be accurate?] shutdown to choices that I could make. Opportunities do not exist in this view. I know it sounds crazy to you. The heavier the calamities, the faster my brain or my soul shut itself down, closing all my views to doors, shutting the lights of help and hope as well as the light of promising future. And then I become numb. That how one’s perspective or worldview toward life are a critical savior to a happy life.

The Wake-Up Call! After endless struggles of two years, my soul woke up. That was after my soul was floating to a far far away place. I felt I was not able to touch the ground of reality anymore. I had an empty brain for the future. I lived only at the moment. Everyday. Only at the moment. One day at a time. This ‘soul-floating’ went on for months. Months. Almost two years.  I have tried to explain what was going on with myself to all my close friends. None except one friend who understood what was going with me.  She explained to me spiritually. She has helped me out from the distance while I was in Ames and she was in my home country. We are separated by thousands of miles away. Her arguments make sense. She suggested several strategies for me to do daily. Eventually, in a month, I was able to connect with my soul, and then I connect my soul to reality and my brain to the future. It was an unbelievable experience, a painful one that drained my soul. However, a priceless one!

Being A Grateful Person Somehow! However, I’m grateful that Allah has chosen me to experience that, otherwise, I will not understand how a person falls into depression and coming out from it.  I said to myself never being a judgemental person to anyone surrounding me. When I was at my low point of life, many many people were judgmental to my condition. I was unable to explain my conditions according to the language that is understood by many. I agree with wise people say, if you want to get to know your real friends or kind souls, wait when you’re at the lowest. At this very lowest point, you look up on them, and you see who they are at heart!

The New Perspective on Calamities. Since that enlightenment from my friend, I change my perspective towards what it means to me the “Calamities.” Simply put, calamities, are a direct coaching and training from Allah Azzawajalla to engage me as a life long learner.  Calamities are only temporary epochs in my life.  The content is with a new knowledge, new feelings of humility or gratitude, and a new skill that are beneficial for my future adventure. All lessons from Allah are orchestrated into the experiential learning, and all of them are problem-based learning. I will not die because of the calamities. Only death has no solution, so surely calamities have solutions. It’s a matter of time. Right, time heals. And also it’s a matter of strategies and solutions that I use. These life lessons are not only meant to update my knowledge and wisdom on something but also they strengthen my spirituality with Allah Subhanawata’alla in connection to humility and gratitude feelings and life pursuits.

Stay Alert. Allah will not terminate HIS lesson until  I comprehend it in the way HE wants me to be.

Ya Allah. May Allah grants me the knowledge of understanding and practice what I have learned. Amiin Ya Allah, Amiin Ya Rabb. Barakallah fi kum.

Many leaves
Embrace Your Positive Perspective to Walk through the Calamities. Everything will be alright.