Talking with the Sky

I couldn’t stay home that day. I had one look at the bluish sky with its cotton white clouds drifting away. From my study window and sliding door, I saw them. I knew it. Feeling unbearable, I can’t stay home. My heart was aching! Aching to devour the bluish skies out there … To feel the strong wind, to listen to the fluttering leaves as the gush of wind passing through them over and over them. To celebrate the freedom that I have in my soul. And wanting to be closer to nature. To be in nature. To touch the life. Alhamdulillah Yaa Allah. Yaa Rahmaan. Yaa Rahiim.

At one point while standing the strong wind, tears were so close to my eyes.  There was a growing feeling of how grateful I am.  To own two eyes that differentiate colors of nature. To possess two ears that allow me to hear the sounds of nature that I come to love.  To own a heart, that calmly beating the same pace as nature’s heart. To own a soul to feels the blessing. The nature seems to understand how  I felt. The strong wind subdued, leaving only the soft one touching my face with a silky touch but light as feathers. As if telling me, We appreciate you join us at this moment. Alhamdulillah Yaa Allah. Yaa Rahmaan. Yaa Rahiim. فَبِأَيِّ آلاءِ رَبِّكُمَا تُكَذِّبَانِ


Return to the moment … there I was, with the camera at hand at the green garden. Standing the wind. With the two lenses. Undecided which one to give priority to. I truly had to make a decision. Life is all about making decisions. Don’t you agree?

Feasting my eyes on the greener carpet grass compares to early spring. The beautiful flowers and plants in front of me. Dancing with the wind that sometimes soft sometimes hard. Lost in thoughts. My brain was still thinking about how should I continue to write to express what I truly want to say on the journey …

Spoken words

Spoken words

Be conscious of your words

Ugly words, never give lives

Even when its’ spoken in the softest tone

Ugly words, never give lives




Find time they say

Find humility in you, they say too

Self-reflect the day

Find time they say

Before sleep consumes you

Self-reflect the day

Forgive those who wronged you, they say

Perceived those people have misinterpreted you, they comfort you

That’s only way that you will go far in life, they assure you

And I say back, why not if that could save my soul




Reality is imperfection

Strive your best anyway

Make progress every day

Finished, but not perfect

It’s alright, It’s okay

Give your best

Finished but not perfect

That will do

That is reality



Aisya is missing home!


Repentance. Repentance. Repentance.
لا حَوْلَ وَلا قُوَّةَ إِلا بِالله



That One Leaf …

That One Leaf whispers to me loudly in silence the importance of perseverance in all seasons. There are things in life that are best not to be questioned but accept just as they are. And most importantly walk calmly through the fogs of seasons until you totally arrive at a clear end.

Sometimes I feel these two feet of mine are so heavy to keep stepping forward. That is a normal, just like Newton’s theory says, … movements causing friction in between different surfaces particularly the rough ones. Whenever that happens, I tell myself, it’s okay to take a rest.  If I can’t take an hour, I can take 30 minutes. If I can’t take 30 minutes break, I can take 10 minutes. If I still can’t still take that 10 minutes, I can make a second! Whenever I pause, the inner voice endlessly whispering Keep Walking, Keep Walking, Keep Walking, I’m making good progress! 



Lessons from nature. Stay calm and embrace all seasons.


Parakeet Birds, Something about Them

There’s something about these parakeet birds that I want to tell you, my friends. Yesterday, an Arab lady sent them at our apartment in the middle of the night.
The story started like this … I heard someone knocked hard on the door for a couple of times. My housemate and I were in our own room. At first, I didn’t pay attention to the sound. I thought it was just another loud noise from our neighbors. Further, there is a door bell outside our apartment, if that person was aiming our apartment, logically, the person would press the door bell! Since the loud knocking didn’t stop, my ears soon heard the slow knocking became a volume! So I went to the door, and had a peek through the door peephole, I saw an Arab lady holding a cage. She must be the person that my housemate has expected …
Soon after, the cage was left on the kitchen counter. I went to the kitchen to get some water, and I saw these two little fellows sat very close to each other. It triggered my curiosity to have a closer look at them. So I went closer to the cage. MasyaAllah, their bodies were trembling. They were hiding their face from me. They were sitting very close to each other as if there was not enough space for two! I guessed they were seeking comfort from each other. They didn’t utter a sound. Silent. And so was I. The house was also quiet. The silence became unbearable. Suddenly, sadness crept into my heart. I felt sorry for them.
Such a beautiful creature it is! SubhanAllah. The aloof one 🙂
They were there, in front of me. And I was talking to myself, silently …
Look at them! Allah has created them beautifully. Their beauty triggers awe in me. Amazing small creatures. Small and yet so perfectly designed. Their feathers. The color of the furs. Their faces. Their tiny feathery bodies. And then my eyes were dragged to their wings. What beautiful colors they are! [ I whisper to myself. ] Birds are designed to fly in the high, wide sky … but they can’t fly in this small cage. Sad. I feel sad. They have no use of their wings. Allah has created the wings for birds to fly wherever they want, spread their wings for freedom
[And then my eyes zoomed out to the whole of them.] Allah has created them with incredible beauty. MasyaAllah. Regretfully, their beauty has made them living in a cage. Their beauty is causing their life a misery. Their beauty has attracted evil attention that locked them away. Their beauty made them unable to use all the beautifully design body parts created by Allah Al-Khaliq. Allah Al-Khaliq has created them for free. But my housemate became the legal owner of these Parakeet birds and snatched away their freedom with only negligible cost to freedom, $15.00. Is their freedom that cheap? 
This is the clingy one. This yellowish feather bird is always clingy to the other, blue-ish feather bird.
These expressed thoughts of mine were so profound. These ideas made me so overwhelmed with thankfulness. These triggers a deep reflection on what Allah has granted to me. Alhamdulillahirabilamin, Alhamdulillah Kul Li Hal
by the way, their cage is pink!
The original text was posted on my Facebook on April 6, 2016.