I met new people a couple of months ago. At first,  I got to know them a skin deep. I thought we were going to be good friends that would last forever. But God has a different plan for me. Unplanned, I walked into the friendship path much deeper than just an introduction. After embracing the friendship experience with confusion, questioning on trust whether am I save in their hands? and uneasiness of feeling like being stalked, I distant myself and ponder whether were these real? Do I like to be treated like these? Later, I realized that they were the friends that I would not like to keep.

They are an interesting bunch as they are gifted people. But abuse the gift of God to mislead people. They read people minds and tap into the minds of people to their selfish interest. They hide these selfish interests in the name of helping others and in the name of religion. So I see them as people who throw the stone but hide their hand. And it’s hard to pinpoint their misconduct. All I could think of just to save myself. So I walked out the group quietly, and never to return.

Nevertheless, I learn something very valuable departing from these people.

  1. Learn from the situation but not the actors in the situation. Actors are people. Different people are place in different or similar situations. But what doesn’t change is the human behavior.
  2. Delay my trust in people who display religious identity. I need to know their lifestyle to confirm whether they really are what they preach into practice.
  3. I can still use their words of wisdom into practice.
  4. Let the bad memories be your teacher. Keep walking. Don’t look back. Don’t keep hard feelings in your heart. You deserve a better life and that the main reason you should let go.
  5. Trust your first instinct. I saw the red flags flash several times in our first encounters.  But these people said just ignore these are not meaningful.
  6. You can’t lie to people. The truth is always present. Maybe you manage to blindfold people, but that won’t be long. Sooner or later the truth will reveal itself effortlessly. Contrarily,  the lies will diminish itself.
  7. You can’t rely on people. You can only rely on God.

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I’m Born A Traveler?

After long years of an exhausting journey, I tried to put my mind and heart at rest.  I had this thought, ” Eventually, I’ve reached my destination “. Not long after I arrived at my conclusion, I found myself packing my stuff and moving again, searching for a decent home.

With exhaustion that hasn’t died yet, I’m on the road again with my luggage. Searching, but without knowing what I’m exactly searching. But one thing for sure, I’m going somewhere. That somewhere is a strange place that God has meant it to be a place that I soon call a home. I’ve visited a couple of houses, but this one particular place. A place where my heart felt its a home for my peace of mind and soul.

Standing with my two pieces of luggage, a new home where I’m now. A decent home. Till today, I’m trying to live a minimalist life style. Bring home only things that I need and can afford. A bed and a mattress. A small wood dining table with 4 chairs that is also my study table. A three tier stainless steel rack that I shipped home from the land of America. A stove. A banquet table. Counting still what are the things that I need without killing a lot of space in this small home.  This thought lingers in my mind– most probably this is just another transit home for me …

So I believe, I am forever a traveler that what’s God has made of me.  What about you? Have the same thought crossed your mind?



Home is just a temporary place. A true home is in my heart.



How Freedom taste to you? Sweet or bitter or undecided? I really can’t express myself in the taste but words help me to enunciate what freedoms mean to me. What words crosses your mind about freedom? My perspective towards life let me generated several words that  I define freedom and they are the following:

Adventure   Excitement   Joy   Tranquility   Colorful

Priceless  Travel   Humble Freedom of Expressions

Independence  Meaningful Life   Achievements  Sharing

Delightful Tastes   Equity  Comfort   Wisdom   Perseverance  

Content   Natural   Clarity   Genuine   Truself   Forgiving  

Life Goals   Free to Choose   No Guilt    No Regret  Writing

Able to Say NO   Non-Judgemental   Authentic    Thinker  

Photography   Humility   Overcoming Calamities  Thankful

Change   Connect   Embrace and Practice My Religion   


How important is freedom in your life? Freedom is fundamental to my being. Owning freedom grants me a rational soul, a content heart, and clarity in thinking. These three elements in combination guide me in decision-making to go about in life. Interrupted freedom, will deprive me of its meaning (as I’ve captured them in many words above).



Means to achieve freedom: How you define your freedom influence the way you want to achieve them. From Al-Qarni’s perspective of life that viewed ‘Freedom Tastes Sweet’, he proposed the FIVE means to achieve  freedom in life :

  1. Be self-sufficient. Work hard and smart to earn your own life. Don’t own your life to anybody except God.
  2. Be content with your current life. You live with whatever you earn, not more.
  3. Expect no favor from anyone for which a reward is expected in return. Do kind deeds but never expect anything in return. No expectation!
  4. Don’t let aspirations and desires enslaved you.  You should strive to achieve your goals in life. If they do not turn out as you’ve planned, do not be despair. Revise your life goals or find alternatives. God has other plans for you. Something better in life awaits you. Perhaps new and better doors of opportunities are just around the corner of the closed doors.
  5. Wealth and status are not means to happiness. One should work to earn wealth and status. However, never let wealth, and/or status consumes oneself.  These materialistic agents are false happiness measurement standards. Mismanagement of them is likely to cause one a hell life misery thus deprived them of freedom. Have you heard these words,  Power conquers Power? Wealth nurtures greeds? ‘Wealth is the slave of a wise man. The master of a fool‘ -by Lucius Annaeus Seneca

In sum, our life perspectives influence how freedom tastes to us, thus, our definition to it. This definition is likely to differ from one person to another. Hence, means to secure freedom could also be different. Nevertheless, a more important question is that one needs to ask is whether their definition of freedom is relevant in all their live situations?

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What are you doing Now?

Are you still there? And What are you doing now? Amazing isn’t it 🙂

I am digging to the bottom of the pit of power analysis on to justify the practical significance of my study. The truth, I found it’s kind of weird when the scholarly journal articles that I’ve read didn’t report the effect size of their findings. What it means to me? I do not have a point of reference how much effect size typically similar studies like mine are detected in the field. I am still thinking on how best to about it – to go around the outskirt ? or to go right through it? Still thinking, and hope to come out with the most logical decision without hurting anybody in the end.




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