Jika kamu dikecewakan …

Jika kamu dikecewakan datangilah Allah Azawajalla segera. Hanya Allah lah sahaja yang berkuasa menghilangkannya. Kerana Allah lah sahaja yang ada penawarnya.

Jangan tunggu. Jangan berlengah-lengah. Jangan terus tinggal dalam gua kekecewaanmu. Sebaliknya, sempurnakanlah perasaan kecewamu itu dengan kembali kepada Allah Azawajalla. Pulangkanlah kekecewaan mu itu pada penciptanya, Allah Azawajalla. Bagaimana? Munajat lah dengan Allah dalam solat-solatmu dan doa-doamu terutamanya satu pertiga malam. Dan juga basahkan lidah dan bibirmu dengar zikrullah. Allah mendengar rintihan hatimu dan tidak akan ada satupun akan terlepas dan disia-siakanNYA.

Kamu tidak boleh terus kecewa dan bersedih dengan sesuatu atau seseorang penyebab kepada kekecewaan dan kesedihanmu. Mengapa? Awas! Ia akan mengundang kecelakaan besar terhadap dirimu! Bagaimana? Perasaanmu itu akan terus membara membara dan membesar dengan maraknya. Dan akhirnya, hatimu yang kecewa dan sedih itu akan beransur-ansur beralih kepada kebencian! Akibatnya dirimu akan selalu hidup diselubungi amarah ini. Seluruh energimu akan dimagnetkan sehingga tidak tersisapun kepada amarah ini. Tidakkah ini satu kehidupan yang sia-sia?

Mintalah Allah menjaga dirimu dan seluruh kehidupanmu sejak kamu diciptakan Allah dalam rahim ibumu, sehingga ketika ini, dan sehinggalah hari Kiamat. Mintalah pertolongan dan kekuatan dari Allah untuk tinggalkan kekecewaan dan kesedihanmu serta segala punca-puncanya itu. Dan secepat mungkin terus berfikir semuanya itu hanya ujian semata-mata dari Allah Ta’ala. Jadi dengan rahmat dan redha Allah maka akan terpadamlah perasaan kecewa, kesedihan mahupun kemarahan itu dalam dirimu, dan akhirnya perlahan-lahan ketenangan akan menyelinap ke dalam hatimu seterusnya memenuhi ruangan hatimu dan akhirnya bertahta di hatimu. InsyaAllah.

Berusahalah! Kerana dirimu sangat berharga. Setiap detik masa kehidupan yang berlalu tidak mungkin boleh dikembalikan semula.

Subhanallah. Allahuakbar. Alhamdulillah

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Bersamaku ada Siapa?

Ada manusia terus menerus menzalimi dan menakut-nakutkanmu dengan berat …

Perlu aku takut?

Perlu aku bersedih?

Kalla, Kalla (a word in arabic) ~ TIDAK! TIDAK

Tidak, jangan takut!

Tidak, La Tahzan~ jangan bersedih!

Tidak! Kerana bersamaku ada Rabb Allah! Allah, Tuhanku akan menolong aku! Allah, Tuhanku akan memenangkan aku!

Allahlah tempat ku sandarkan segala-gala kebutuhanku.

Allahuakhbar, SubhanaAllah, Alhamdulillahirabbilalamin.

I’m Born A Traveler?

After long years of an exhausting journey, I tried to put my mind and heart at rest.  I had this thought, ” Eventually, I’ve reached my destination “. Not long after I arrived at my conclusion, I found myself packing my stuff and moving again, searching for a decent home.

With exhaustion that hasn’t died yet, I’m on the road again with my luggage. Searching, but without knowing what I’m exactly searching. But one thing for sure, I’m going somewhere. That somewhere is a strange place that God has meant it to be a place that I soon call a home. I’ve visited a couple of houses, but this one particular place. A place where my heart felt its a home for my peace of mind and soul.

Standing with my two pieces of luggage, a new home where I’m now. A decent home. Till today, I’m trying to live a minimalist life style. Bring home only things that I need and can afford. A bed and a mattress. A small wood dining table with 4 chairs that is also my study table. A three tier stainless steel rack that I shipped home from the land of America. A stove. A banquet table. Counting still what are the things that I need without killing a lot of space in this small home.  This thought lingers in my mind– most probably this is just another transit home for me …

So I believe, I am forever a traveler that what’s God has made of me.  What about you? Have the same thought crossed your mind?



Home is just a temporary place. A true home is in my heart.


Talking with the Sky

I couldn’t stay home that day. I had one look at the bluish sky with its cotton white clouds drifting away. From my study window and sliding door, I saw them. I knew it. Feeling unbearable, I can’t stay home. My heart was aching! Aching to devour the bluish skies out there … To feel the strong wind, to listen to the fluttering leaves as the gush of wind passing through them over and over them. To celebrate the freedom that I have in my soul. And wanting to be closer to nature. To be in nature. To touch the life. Alhamdulillah Yaa Allah. Yaa Rahmaan. Yaa Rahiim.

At one point while standing the strong wind, tears were so close to my eyes.  There was a growing feeling of how grateful I am.  To own two eyes that differentiate colors of nature. To possess two ears that allow me to hear the sounds of nature that I come to love.  To own a heart, that calmly beating the same pace as nature’s heart. To own a soul to feels the blessing. The nature seems to understand how  I felt. The strong wind subdued, leaving only the soft one touching my face with a silky touch but light as feathers. As if telling me, We appreciate you join us at this moment. Alhamdulillah Yaa Allah. Yaa Rahmaan. Yaa Rahiim. فَبِأَيِّ آلاءِ رَبِّكُمَا تُكَذِّبَانِ


Return to the moment … there I was, with the camera at hand at the green garden. Standing the wind. With the two lenses. Undecided which one to give priority to. I truly had to make a decision. Life is all about making decisions. Don’t you agree?

Feasting my eyes on the greener carpet grass compares to early spring. The beautiful flowers and plants in front of me. Dancing with the wind that sometimes soft sometimes hard. Lost in thoughts. My brain was still thinking about how should I continue to write to express what I truly want to say on the journey …

Life is Unfair?

At one time, my chest suffocated

I felt life was unfair to me?

Look again at that life

Look again

Then, I didn’t get it; I looked again

That unfair life brought me to this journey

If let me alone, I will never choose this path

Then, when I looked again and again

Then, I listened to my heart again and again

Then, I listened to the echoes of voices in the past again and again

That unfair life added more breadth to my dull days

That life added new people

That life opened doors of delightful opportunities

That life brought me to endless new lessons to comprehend my life better

That life forced me to choose what I needed rather what I want in life

I feel Life is unfair to me?

Look again at that life

Look again

Through the wiser lens, I am not regretting this life now

My soul speaks by itself, Which then, the favors of my Lord will I deny?




Speak truthfully

Even it makes you bleeds

Let your faith lead the way





Find time they say

Find humility in you, they say too

Self-reflect the day

Find time they say

Before sleep consumes you

Self-reflect the day

Forgive those who wronged you, they say

Perceived those people have misinterpreted you, they comfort you

That’s only way that you will go far in life, they assure you

And I say back, why not if that could save my soul




Reality is imperfection

Strive your best anyway

Make progress every day

Finished, but not perfect

It’s alright, It’s okay

Give your best

Finished but not perfect

That will do

That is reality



Aisya is missing home!