I always in search for strategies improving my learning. Different persons have different styles of learning, and they could be a combination of techniques. I’m a left-handed person, a visual learner, and a thinker. I discovered writing is one of the learning approaches that facilitate my learning process. Some people say the process of writing changes you. This saying intriguing my thoughts! But, there’s truth in that saying. I found that the more I wrote, the more I feel I am riffling through the thin layers of a wave of a wide sea. This one of the many reasons that I dedicate this page to Writing for Learning. The content of this page comprises [will be comprising] of 4W and 1H on Writing for Learning–what, who, why, when and how.


At the beginning, I was peeking it through that small hole. After reading more about it, the peeking-hole becomes bigger, now I can see it more clearly the 4H and 1H


The Inner Debate: My inner-self says it is going to be challenging tasks writing the substances of this page. My optimist’s voice responded,  Learning is inevitably painful, but it’s never impossible. A try will never hurt me nor kill me! Let’s take the first step from endless steps ahead. Ahead where? My rounded eyes glued at the Mount Everest in front of me. Embrace yourself AisyaUmaira, Bismillah …

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